About me


I’m a communications strategist, writer/editor and project manager. I have a diverse work history that has helped shape the way I see the world and the City of Vancouver from all its viewpoints. In short, I’m a big picture thinker and I get things done.

I’ve worked freelance for most of my career. I love the independence, flexibility and variety. In 2013-2014, I joined Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver as its interim director of communications and marketing. It was here that I caught the housing bug. At the same time, I was co-championing a centralized hub for deconstructed building materials in Vancouver, and jumped into project management; I studied at UBC in 2016 and graduated with high honours. By happenstance I met Samantha Gambling in July of that year and co-founded the BC Tiny House Collective (BCTHC), a grassroots organization that engages community, cities and decision-makers to legalize and legitimize tiny homes in BC. Through this project I’ve been fortunate to connect with diverse and creative changemakers and have a renewed passion for truly meaningful outreach. It also led to the Collective working with BC Housing to produce a technical and research white paper on tiny homes (coming in late 2018/early 2019). My tiny house connections also resulted in my work with the West End Seniors Network in 2017―where I wrote a report on the housing challenges facing those over 55 in the Westside. From that contract and the BCTHC, I connected with the directors of Small Housing BC, where I am now a project manager and oversee a series of city projects that support greater uptake of laneway housing in two communities. I’m also the lead organizer of Canada’s first small housing conference, the Small Housing Summit (coming to Vancouver in November).

From the beginning… I attended the University of Toronto, first as an architecture student and later majoring in French language and literature with a double minor in history and political science; I also did a year at the Institut d’études politiques de Lyon as an exchange student.

When I returned to Vancouver, I worked as a research consultant in the settlement of Indian Residential School abuse claims for almost ten years. During that time, I would read thousands of archival documents, write hundreds of reports and walked away with a solemn understanding of a difficult past, one I hope will be shared and never repeated. In 2009, I launched nadatodo.com, an online events calendar in time for the Olympics, as a response to never knowing what was going on in Vancouver until it happened. I soon fell into the world of public relations, marketing and arts reviewing. It was around this time that I went back to school to study publishing in a  program that highlighted my love of words. I’m the co-author of the cookbook From the Olive Grove and have written for various publications, including BCLiving and vancouverisawesome.com. I continue to write for hire for business clients and am finishing up my first kids book with designers Leslie Bui and Tracy Ly called Ocean Blue.

More about me and in my spare time… I’m also the child of Greek parents and help with the family business, producing and selling high-quality organic food products. I graduated from the Master Recycler Vancouver, a program that opened my eyes to the amount of waste I (and we) produce. It inspired me and six others to co-found Co-op Radio’s Talkin’ Trash, a show on garbage and how it impacts our daily lives, and my journey to bin for wasted food (and salvage overripe fruits and vegetables at the shop). From 2015-2017, I was a board of director with the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, BC’s oldest environmental non-profit. Since 2013, I’ve been a MOSAIC career mentor for newcomers and was voted best mentor in 2015.

On a personal note… I grew up in Pitt Meadows. I live and rent on Commercial Drive and have for about 10 years. I’m a vipassana meditator; I love travelling, design, the arts (film, storytelling, dance, music…the list goes on), the sea and nature (all of it!), my work with MOSAIC and all food. My latest explorations: pottery and woodworking. (I’d also like to think I’m pretty funny… .)

LinkedIn | Website (mind you it’s been hacked so the content’s a bit here and there, and nowhere)


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