Hello, I’m Anastasia



I’m Anastasia Koutalianos and I live on Commercial Drive.

I’m running for councillor in the City of Vancouver and am number 12 on the voting ballot. I decided to run late in the game, so just recently uploaded my bio and platform. My areas of focus are housing, arts and culture and zero waste. (And as a writer/editor, expect I’ll be tweaking this copy a million times over.)

I will be hosting Twitter lunches weekdays on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-1PM starting October 1, where you can ask me questions and we can chat one-on-one. I’ll be resurrecting my old handle, @nadatodo. My outreach will be paperless with a near-zero dollar investment. Connect soon!

(Oh, and thanks to my friend Marni for taking these shots in front of murals I love on the Drive.)

Email me.